Sky TV.

Believe in Better.
British Sky Broadcasting Group plc is a satellite broadcasting, broadband and telephone services company in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Sky TV is heavily associated with sports, which isn’t a problem when that’s the target audience you are dealing with. However back in 2010 they wanted to change that image. This project was released to my university and after organising some focus groups it was clear to see that generally people weren’t aware of all the green causes they help such as WWF. Also that they felt there was too much choice and they didn’t want to commit to the wrong package. Based on this I created awareness of their green accolades by using a small website which would choose the best package for them based on a series of questions. The issue was now to try and get this information to the general public in a way that would be truly noticed. Bring on the leaves… At the time I was studying guerilla advertising a lot as it was quite the trend, I had singled in on eco adverts based on Sky’s green credentials. I screen-printed the Sky logo and also a QR code onto leaves that would take people to the website, in order to gain traffic. But first I had to prove to Sky that this would work, on a student’s budget. So I ordered a free sim card and screen-printed it’s number on to leaves and then left them around my town… The response was unexpected; people for whatever reason were texting and calling it! This wasn’t a ‘Call this number for some fun’ scribbled onto a pub restroom wall, it was a surprise. Perhaps they were just bored on their lunch break from work but that didn’t matter the campaign was a success and so was my presentation to Sky TV.