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Sainsbury's is the second largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom with a share of the UK supermarket sector of 16.8%.

At University I managed to secure a number of live briefs in order to push myself further and harder. These may not have been the ‘coolest’ projects in the world but they taught me how to properly manage my time and report my progress to a client in a professional manner whilst learning how to source work. The brief was to come up with a completely new concept for their packaging, and after a lot of thinking and research I just felt like the shelves looked boring even though they have massive potential to be visual by right. Research into; serial planes, repeat patterns and substrate uses led me to create a series of paintings using cling film, foil and baking paper. These abstract paintings were then applied to a range of repeat patterns I had designed in order to turn the shelves into a vast canvas giving them the effect of wallpaper.