Pet Portraits.
Poster Frame GizmoCrop.jpg
Self initiated pet portrait project, designed to create revenue and educate myself about the world of freelance design.

At university I had a part time job to get me by, it took time away from my studies and it really wasn’t where I wanted to be. So I decided to use some of my newly discovered skills to try and create a cash flow large enough that I wouldn’t need my part time job anymore. It’s no secret that people love their pets and spend a great amount of time with them and money on them. So I combined the two and created Gizmo (my dogs name). There are now quite a few households in Nottinghamshire and Suffolk with Gizmo Portraits in their homes, and they aren’t all of dogs either! In order to promote the brand cheaply I created Social Media channels and created clothing with the graphics on to strike up conversation about the project. For a while I was the crazy guy walking around with a picture of his dog on his shirt… It didn’t seem too weird at the time, but it worked as a means of conversation and lead generation.